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Evergreen Klose [userpic]
Decorate My Dungeon
by Evergreen Klose (dory_the_fishie)
at October 31st, 2006 (09:03 pm)

current location: the dungeons
current mood: hoping amy likes...
current song: Ari Hest

Well...Truth or Dare leads to much blur writing, and so I now present you with...


The Averus Proposal!

So, for Amy, and also your badger reading pleasure...

I really hope you liked it!

CA [userpic]
by CA (piartemis18)
at October 18th, 2006 (01:10 pm)
current song: Transatlanticism

I still don't like this blur, but I haven't written anything else and it's always nice to have reminders that communities exist. So, the latest Justlie.

O hushed October morning mildCollapse )

Boca. [userpic]
First Detention
by Boca. (msqu)
at October 8th, 2006 (07:56 pm)

current location: Detention
current mood: cheerful
current song: Harry Nilsson - I Guess the Lord Must Be In New York City

Title: First Detention
Author: ElectronicQuillster
Rating: PG
Summary: In October of their fifth year, things are getting interesting for the Mavick twins. Marie has had her first kiss with Regulus. So what's in store for Leanne? Perhaps a Black of her own that she's been crushing on for a while?

“Ah, but detention is for building character, my boy.Collapse )

CA [userpic]
a prompt, for those that desire one...
by CA (piartemis18)
at September 25th, 2006 (05:33 pm)

It wasn't hard to distract Leslie from studying. Perhaps it was her fault for preferring the common room to the library, but there was always so much going on that was more interesting than the essays she had to write.

That's as far as I got. I now open it up to you (you don't have to stay with my character if you don't like). If nobody has any ideas, that's fine too.

Edit: Justlie actually wasn't the plan here...I was thinking more along the lines of a prank or something. But since I have relinquished all claim to the prompt, you all can do whatever you want. Now that it's a new day I thought I'd just make that information public.

Ash the Sexy Puffling [userpic]
Flying Lessons, Part II
by Ash the Sexy Puffling (gryffinpuff6)
at September 17th, 2006 (01:26 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: happy
current song: Cars and Crickets

Flying Lessons, Part IICollapse )

Boca. [userpic]
Brothers United, Part IV
by Boca. (msqu)
at September 12th, 2006 (01:19 pm)
current song: Sense & Sensibility - All the Delights of the Season

Author: Mar (ElectronicQuillster)
Part I || Part II || Part III

“Mar, we have scones for breakfast here at least once a week,” Sirius stated, not understanding why she was so excited.Collapse )

Hidden Desire
by Ilka (lady_alesha)
at September 9th, 2006 (01:00 pm)

current location: The Hospital Wing
current mood: creative
current song: Badger Lovin'

Sorry for making you wait this long, but school took all my writing time away from me...

Author: Ilka (LadyAlesha)
Title: Conversations
Series: Hidden Desire

ConversationsCollapse )

roxy_black [userpic]
by roxy_black (roxy_black)
at September 7th, 2006 (06:10 pm)

Hey guys,

There have been a few people asking if we could add character and ship tags to our blurs.

People like to read the blurs about themselves (for some reason and maybe excluding Rob) so adding these tags would help them go straight to their blurs.

So, from now on, please add the ship and main characters of your blurs into the tags text box at the bottom of the update box.
~ Roxy

by Ilka (lady_alesha)
at September 5th, 2006 (10:17 pm)

current mood: creative
current song: Badger Lovin'

Just posting my blurs for the last of Lei's blur challenges in the common room. Both are set in the HD-verse, but are taking place after the as of yet unwritten ending of HD.

Ilka/Blaise shipping blurCollapse )

Amy's weddingCollapse )

CA [userpic]
by CA (piartemis18)
at September 2nd, 2006 (05:12 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: "I'll Take My Chance" ~ The Denominators

Posting some of Ashley/Gryffinpuff's blurs...

An Encounter of the Sirius KindCollapse )

A Rar Wedding for DF 8Collapse )

Flying Lessons pt. 1Collapse )

CA [userpic]
by CA (piartemis18)
at September 1st, 2006 (08:42 pm)

current location: giggling madly at "bodily orifice"
current mood: amused
current song: "Swing Low" ~ Gentlemen of the Court

Posting Schmergo's latest blur, as she cannot.

“I DO NOT GET ALL WORKED UP!” exclaimed Schmergo, getting all worked up.Collapse )

Evergreen Klose [userpic]
by Evergreen Klose (dory_the_fishie)
at August 31st, 2006 (08:32 pm)

current location: exploring Mavick Manor
current mood: chipper
current song: Sirius is drunk and singing karaoke

Just a lil Rar blur that I wrote, as a dare, but also because I was long overdue. It doesn't have a title, I'm sorry to say, but maybe such a blur is above naming.

Boca. [userpic]
Placing Pranks, Part VII
by Boca. (msqu)
at August 17th, 2006 (05:06 pm)

current mood: Triumphant

Title: Placing Pranks, Part VII
Author: Mar (ElectronicQuillster)
Summary: After weeks of anticipation, all of the careful plotting Marie has laid in place is finally brought to light.


Boca. [userpic]
Brothers United, part II
by Boca. (msqu)
at August 16th, 2006 (01:35 pm)

current location: Student Lounge
current mood: crazy
current song: Harry and the Potters - The Phoenix Song

Title: Brothers United, part II
Author: Mar (ElectronicQuillster)
Summary: Later that night after Sirius and Regulus plan to meet to take care of Nathan Raines but before the actual meeting.

PS this means it's Leanne's turn to take it from here...bwahaha!

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