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by Ilka (lady_alesha)
at September 5th, 2006 (10:17 pm)

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Just posting my blurs for the last of Lei's blur challenges in the common room. Both are set in the HD-verse, but are taking place after the as of yet unwritten ending of HD.

Graduading isn't easy!

NEWTs were finally over. With a sigh Ilka made her way to the large willow near the lake. Everywhere students milled about, laughing and chatting. Ilka felt like crying. Summer holidays would start soon and then she would have to say goodbye to Hogwarts, England and most important of all her friends.

She reached into her pocket and drew out a crumpled, tear-stained letter. Her mother’s neat script filled the pages. Her parents had decided to move back to Germany to take care of her ill grandmother and Ilka and her brother were supposed to go with them.

For days her fellow Badgers had tried to cheer her up, but Ilka couldn’t stop crying. She would most likely never see her friends again and she had yet to tell Blaise. With all the last minute studying both of them had done they had hardly seen each other all last week.

Strong arms encircled her waist from behind and a warm masculine voice whispered in her ear, “We’re free, my love, we’re finally free!”

Ilka giggled, but it came out as more of a strangled sob. Turning around she buried her head in the crook of Blaise’s neck and let her tears fall.

“What’s wrong, love? Aren’t you happy about leaving Hogwarts at all?” Blaise’s perplexed question reminded her that she still hadn’t told him about her parents’ plans. She thrust the letter into his hand, unable to form the words.

Blaise read the note and chuckled. Aghast, Ilka drew away from him. “What are you laughing at? This is everything but funny!”

“Well, are you a witch or what? You can always apparate or floo to England whenever you want to see us.” Ilka opened her mouth to argue, but Blaise shook his head and continued, “It’s only a few weeks, love. Just wait and see, you’ll be back before you know it.”

“Don’t you understand, Blaise? I’m not coming back, we’re moving there permanently!” Ilka was quickly getting irritated, what was her boyfriend playing at? Didn’t he see that things would never be the same again?

“You’re an adult now, dear, you don’t have to live at home anymore. And before you argue, I know how hard it is to find a decent flat in Hogsmeade, but I’ve got it covered,” Blaise explained gently, “Amy is moving in with Severus, so her flat is empty. She already agreed to rent it to us.”

“Us?” Ilka questioned, dumbfounded. Blaise made it sounds so easy, but that couldn’t be, right? There had to be a catch somewhere. Things were never that easy.

“Well, I though … but I can find something else if you don’t want to live with me …”

“What? No! I’d love to live with you.” A brilliant smile curved Ilka’s lips, maybe things were that easy just this one time! “I love you!”

An answering smile covered Blaise’s face as he pulled her into a tight hug. “I love you, too, Ilka.”

Amy's Wedding

Anna’s gaze flitted around the inside of the church excitedly. “Isn’t it beautiful? I wonder what Amy is wearing,” she gushed, causing Draco and Blaise to roll their eyes. The three of them were, much to Draco and Blaise’s horror, sitting amongst a multitude of Badgers, because Anna had insisted on spending the whole wedding and reception with her friends. With all of them out of Hogwarts they didn’t see each other nearly as often as they would have liked to, although Draco frequently complained that Anna didn’t have enough time for him because she spent too much of her free time with her Badgers.

The whole church was magically decorated with white roses and ivy. White candles were floating above their heads, casting a soft glow over every surface.

“Have you ever seen a lovelier church?” Anna asked her silent companions again.

This time Draco didn’t roll his eyes, “Anna, you helped decorate it, of course it’s lovely.”

Anna blushed and said, “But it wasn’t just me. All of us Badgers helped, either here or at Amy and Snape’s cottage.”

Draco and Blaise only nodded and smiled somewhat amused half-smiles. Both of them had heard nothing else for weeks now. But where Anna was bad, Ilka was worse. As a bridesmaid she had been involved in choosing dresses and was bursting to tell everyone how gorgeous Amy looked in her wedding gown. She had had a hard time not revealing too much to Blaise, but Amy had sworn all her bridesmaids and her maid of honour, Rhi, to secrecy.

Everything was ready. The church looked perfect, the guests had arrived; even Severus was already there, waiting for his bride while shooting murderous looks at both Remus and Dumbledore.

Anna giggled. Severus had been unable to choose a best man, so Dumbledore had taken the decision from him and given Remus the post, because he knew Severus the longest. Remus had been sceptical at first, but couldn’t say no to Dumbledore in the end.

Ilka and Rhi got never tired of telling the tale of the day when Severus found out. It hadn’t been pretty and Amy had to make one hell of an effort to get Severus to even consider Remus as best man. But since having a student be best man was unacceptable and Lucius was still in Azkaban, Severus hadn’t had much of a choice. At least it wasn’t Sirius, Amy had tried to reason with him and after a lot of cajoling he had finally agreed with her.

Suddenly the church doors opened and Rhi, Ilka, Liz and Lei walked in. Rhi, as maid of honour, walked down the aisle first, Lei, Ilka and Liz walked next to each other behind her. All four of them wore flowing pale pink dresses.

The wedding guests held their breath when the music began to play. All eyes were fastened on the doors, as Amy’s father led her down the aisle. Amy was a vision! Her white wedding gown was tight around her upper body but flowed into a wide skirt from her waist down. The white set off her red curly hair beautifully.

As soon as the music started, Severus’ focus shifted. He was no longer glaring at Remus, but gazing intently at his bride, a small, almost reluctant smile curving his lips. Anna had never seen him relaxed or happy. He seemed to have forgotten about the other people in the church; his gaze never wavered from Amy, who was looking at him as intently as he was at her, a brilliant smile adorning her lips.

Anna had tears in her eyes as Amy took her place next to Severus. When they exchanged their vows every female Badger in the audience reached for their tissues. Anna saw even Rob and Douglas dab their eyes covertly.

Several minutes later Amy’s voice rang loud and clear through the church, “I do!” Severus slid the ring on her finger carefully, his eyes never leaving her face.

Without looking up at the priest, Severus now answered his question, “I do!”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” The priest intoned.

Cheering and clapping filled the church as Severus lowered his head to Amy’s and gently met her lips with his. The kiss only lasted a second, but when they pulled away Anna swore she had never seen Amy happier.


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