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First Detention
by Boca. (msqu)
at October 8th, 2006 (07:56 pm)

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Title: First Detention
Author: ElectronicQuillster
Rating: PG
Summary: In October of their fifth year, things are getting interesting for the Mavick twins. Marie has had her first kiss with Regulus. So what's in store for Leanne? Perhaps a Black of her own that she's been crushing on for a while?

“I really don’t know why you lot get yourselves into detention, but I am glad to have your help on this job,” Slughorn said with a chuckle and beamed at the four students in front of him. “It’s much more fun to decorate for a holiday with help. Now, Mr. Matthews and Miss Mavick, why don’t you take that box of decorations and put them up around the room. That leaves the other Miss Mavick and Mr. Black to make the sugar skulls.”

All in all, this was one of the better detentions delinquent students could hope for. Decorating Slughorn’s classroom for the Halloween season wasn’t a bad job at all. Leanne also had to admit that she was looking forward to spending the rest of the evening with Sirius Black, even though her heart was in her throat. Slughorn turned on the phonograph with some seasonal tunes, and sat at his desk with a stack of parchment essays in front of him that needed grading.

“So much for ‘help with decorating,’” Sirius snorted, as he and Leanne sat at a table with the sugar skull ingredients waiting for them. “You’re the Leanne twin, right?”


“Is uh...is your sister actually dating my brother?” he asked in an uncomfortable tone.

“Er, yeah, I think, maybe.” Leanne knew that the developments between Marie and Regulus were still pretty new, and Marie wasn’t quite sure what was going on yet.

“Huh.” Sirius pulled out his wand, preparing to combine the ingredients to make the sugar skulls. Leanne pushed the large bowl across the table towards him. Yes she had taken the seat across from him with one specific reason.

“Mr. Black!” Slughorn chided, clucking his tongue. “No magic during detention.”

“But I thought this was a school of magic,” Sirius countered.

“Ah, but detention is for building character, my boy. No wands.”

Leanne handed Sirius each of the ingredients as he needed them. First the sugar, then the merengue powder. Last it needed water, which Sirius produced from his wand.

In an excess amount.

Leanne could see it was too much water from the get-go, but perhaps Sirius was trying to pretend he didn’t know that as well. Either way, he took the wooden spoon and began mixing the concoction with vigor. He didn’t look up, but kept stiring as he said, “There’s too much water in this.”

“Yeah,” was Leanne’s simple reply, trying to bit back giggles.

“This isn’t going to work, is it?”


He raised his eyes to look at Leanne, then looked to the right, to the left, to Slughorn, then back to Leanne. “Shit.”

Leanne snorted. Sirius began stiring the messy concoction even more vigorously. Leanne rolled her eyes and then dumped more sugar and merengue powder into the bowl. Soon enough the pasty stuff was ready, and they set to transfiguring globs of it into skulls - Slughorn permitted the use of their wands for that portion of their punishment.

Marie caught Leanne’s eye from where she and Rob were now decorating to the side of her and Sirius. She winked at her twin. Leanne winked back. Then Marie winked. Leanne winked. Rob rolled his eyes, knowing the Mavick twins oh so well, and continued to work after an amused snort. Marie gave another hearty wink. Leanne tried to deal her one better. Marie matched it.

Leanne was about to wink again, but she was startled and nearly fell off her stool when Sirius knocked his knee against hers.

“Your aim is completely off, Leanne,” he said with a wink of his own. Leanne blushed and dropped her head slightly. “Help me finish these last few and then I bet Sluggy will let us go.”


“What’s your crime anyway?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she countered, quirking an eyebrow.

“Course I would. I’ve got my own drawer in Flich’s filing cabinet. Well, shared crimes with James, but still,” he shrugged.

“Nose down, you two,” Slughorn tutted. “You’re free to leave as soon as you finish those last skulls.”

“Tell me when I walk you to your common room?”

Leanne smiled. “You’re walking me to my common room?” Her insides squished together in anticipation.

“As long as you don’t hex me or something like Evans does to James.” He winked again for good measure.

“I think I could hold back for a few minutes or something,” Leanne returned in a casual tone, giving him another wink of her own.